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Agrochemical Enterprises of ChemChina Ensure Spring Farming with Steady Production and Good Service

Date: 2020-03-05

A year's plan starts with spring. At the critical stage of the COVID-19 prevention, spring farming and preparation are to be carried out successively. The agrochemical enterprises affiliated to ChemChina are focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic, while keeping production and services on track, in a bid to ensure the needs of agricultural production.

Agricultural technology training through webcast

"Do not involve many people in seedling culture to stay far away from the virus." "Unlock the mysteries by increasing the wheat yield." The battle against the epidemic is still under way, but the spring farming is coming. In order to help customers and farmers to solve the technical problems in production and products and to resume production in a better manner, Syngenta and ADAMA launched the agricultural technology training through webcast on February 12 and February 20 respectively.

The monthly technology course webcast event of Syngenta invited over 40 technical experts to share agronomic knowledge, provide technical services and answer questions. This super expert team, which has been long engaged in the promotion and research of field plant protection technology, owns rich professional experience. The live courses cover all the key crops. They provide the most professional guidance through the most demotic explanation, in order to help customers and farmers to cope with the challenges of spring farming and ensure high quality and yield. The live broadcast is very hot, and each of the featuring experts is the most popular "super host" with high popularity and favorable reception. As of March 2, 35 live broadcasts in 20 days have been viewed more than 700,000 times.

With martial arts as an important element, the live program of ADAMA invited various experts in plant protection to lead farmers to study the martial arts of agriculture and crops. With the ingenious and unique live broadcast team, each topic is well planned and rehearsed. It's broadcasted every other day from February 20 with a total of 14 episodes, and broadcasted simultaneously under the official account "ADAMACHINA" on Kwailive. As of February 28, the number of people watching each live broadcast had exceeded 10,000 in the first half hour, and the number of people applying for sample sacks had exceeded 1,000, with continuous forwarded messages and live interaction.

What behind the hot live broadcast is the rapid response and professional support of Syngenta and ADAMA teams. "When is the most important time to spray 'Maitian' to control the gibberellic disease of wheat? and how many times?" "If it rains one hour after the spraying, will it affect the drug effect?" As for the questions raised in the process of live broadcasting, such as products, programs and application technology, the expert hosts and the experts in the comment area all carefully answered them one by one. During the live broadcast, there were always frequent interactions. Syngenta and ADAMA provided many product discounts, and the majority of customers and farmers also thumbed up frequently for the products and hosts.

The business teams of Syngenta and ADAMA began to work online from February 3, providing product and technical supports for customers and channel partners via telephone, WeChat, network and other means. Relying on the e-commerce platform of ChemChina, Syngenta also spared no effort to keep itssales volume stable, and launched the electronic signature service to address pain points such as restrictions in customer office and express delivery during the epidemic outbreak. At present, Syngenta's sales orders and customer signing in February will proceed normally.

Ensure both sales orders and spring farming

As the world's largest supplier of oxadiazon, the Party committee of Anhui Sinopec has coordinated epidemic response and safety risk prevention and control, and has made a detailed plan for resuming production, which has specified the roles and responsibilities of departments and teams, with the aim of ensuring the epidemic prevention and control as well as safe work. Considering the impact of the epidemic outbreak on traffic control throughout the country, they increased the procurement of major raw materials through advanced planning and coordination. Under the unified leadership of the Party committee, Suzhou factory branch actively strengthened communication and coordination with relevant departments of local governments, timely communicated with online and offline raw material suppliers and transporters across the country, and purchased 1,900 tons of raw materials in Shanxi, Fujian, Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places respectively, ensuring the timely supply of raw materials and the continuous stability of production and operation. Original medicine oxadiazon, the star product, maintained full production capacity, including 95 tons of original medicine produced in January, hitting a one-month record high.

In order to ensure the spring farming, enterprises continue to do a good job in the supply of pesticides to the domestic market. Since the Spring Festival, 166 tons have been delivered, involving more than 20 customers at home and abroad. Business personnel, by making full use of the e-commerce platform, actively carried out online procurement, and completed 24 online purchase orders during the epidemic. By strengthening product promotion and information communication, and maintaining effective business connectivity with the customers, they have yielded remarkable operation results in the first two months. In 2019, Anhui Sinopec reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Bayer AG. In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the delivery delay of major international customers, especially Bayer AG, the business branch, under the leadership of the company's Party committee, on the one hand enhanced the liaison and coordination with Bayer AG, and on the other hand worked overtime to track the whole process of production, delivery and logistics, striving to fulfill the agreement and delivery of foreign trade orders. Up to now, it has completed the delivery of foreign trade orders to the United States, South Korea, Vietnam, France and other countries, among which, it delivered 73 tons to Bayer AG, with no backlog of all foreign trade orders.

ADAMA Anpon is the largest ethephon manufacturer in China. In order to ensure the normal operation during the Spring Festival and to deal with the uncertainties around raw material supply during the epidemic outbreak, the procurement department has taken an array of effective measures, including classified management of the procurement process, one policy for one product and one policy for one place; to track and analyze the supply plan and inventory changes of key raw materials and key products every day; to develop other suppliers having outstanding performance in product quality and supply in time for possible supply interruption.

Over the years, the company has always given top priority to safe work, and has organized safety inspections throughout the company during major festivals, including this Spring Festival. Due to adequate preparations, the production of ADAMA Anpon during the Spring Festival has been kept stable, keeping balance between the epidemic prevention & control and the production. Pesticide products like ethephon, buprofezin and pymetrozine were all produced at full load, which had a sharp increase in production compared with the same period of last year, with flourishing production and marketing. Chemical products were in normal production. Phosphorus trichloride, n-butyl ester, flame retardant and epichlorohydrin were not affected by the epidemic. During the epidemic, ADAMA Anpon also produced sodium hypochlorite disinfectant in extra working hours, and donated more than 100 tons of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant to Huai’an Commission of Health, Huai’an Airport, the channel management of Huai’an and other units to fight against the epidemic. In order to ensure the spring farming, the enterprise has mapped out the logistics plan in advance. The delivery was arranged in advance in January, and the delivery quantity has been increased since early February. Nearly 2,500 tons of ethephon and other products had been delivered in January and February.

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