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Australian Qenos
Australian Qenos Organizes its employees to participate in public welfare activities, such as the "Run for the Kids" event in Melbourne, Australia the "City to Surf" in Sydney and "Ride to Work Day" events in Sydney; provides guidance or help through "Scientists in Schools" program and makes contribution to local communities.

Through water savings renovations, Qenos reduces water consumption, receives Water-savings Awards in Victoria state of Australia for two consecutive years. Qenos linear LDPE has become raw materials for water storage tanks for 70 percent of local residents.

The Qenos industrial waste classification system is a monitor of waste and emissions and converts them into commercial goods. It won rewards from PACIA and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria.

Qenos encourages employees to help disadvantageous groups and peripheral members of the communities and local organizations. The photo depicts Qenos employees initiating a "Run for the Kids" event in Melbourne.

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