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Bluestar Silicones France S.A.S.
Bluestar Silicones France S.A.S. has signed an ICCA global charter of responsible care, to establish a QHSE policy and management system and improve safety and protect the environment.
While creating profits and being responsible to its shareholders, BSI also assumes social responsibilities by a commercial code of conduct to pay taxes according to laws, pay attention to products safety and quality, show concern for environmental protections, protects employees' legal rights and save on natural resources.

In product quality and production safety, all BSI subsidiaries have passed ISO 9001 V2000 authentication. Regarding HSE, BSI has signed the ICCA global charter for responsible care; it promises to improve safety, maintain health and protect the environment.

QHSE policy is a unique management system of BSI. It would combine product and transportation safety with environmental protections and industrial sanitation to improve BSI procedures.
It also strives to accelerate employment, protect employee rights and maintain social stability. BSI has 1,300 global employees (over 800 in France) and promotes local economic development and employment.
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