1. How do I search for information I want on this website?

Type keywords in the search box and click “GO.”

2. Why can’t I see the full web page? What should I do?

This may be caused by two reasons:

(1) The website is incompatible with your browser. We recommend the IE7.0. If the version of browser on your computer is lower than 7.0, you may want to download and install one via IE7.0, the website will be presented as we design. Also, it is recommended to set your resolution at 1204*768.

(2) Your browser may have a pop-up blocker. If you have installed software to protect your computer from being attacked by some website, we recommend temporarily turning off any function for blocking Flash advertisements.

3. Why can’t web pages be opened sometimes?

If you have Internet access via LAN, the disconnection may happen due to limited bandwidth and timeout error.

If you’re using a dial-up connection, the disconnection may be due to narrow bandwidth.

Don’t worry when web pages can not be opened, refresh or visit our website later.

4、Why are some web pages garbled?

This website uses Unicode (UTF-8). If the default encoding of your browser is not Unicode, or the “Automatic detection” has not been chosen, the website may be garbled. You can solve it by:

(1)Choosing “View/Encoding/Unicode (UTF-8)” in the browser menu.

(2)Choosing “View/Encoding/Auto Selection.”

(3)Firefox user can choose “View/Character Encoding/Unicode(UTF-8).”

5、How can I subscribe for website news updates?

This website provides RSS service to help you get real-time updates. At the bottom of every page, you can click “RSS Subscribe” to view related pages.

6、How do I save web pages?

Choose “File” and then “Save as…” and choose the appropriate file type.

7、How can I save the current web page?

Under “Favorites,” select “Add to Favorites” in the web browser and then click “ok”.

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