Caring for the Environment·Children's Paintings Exhibition

Children's Paintings Exhibition: Environment Protection, Start Young

We live on a blue planet-----Earth, the only place where known life exists in the vast universe. From primitive agriculture society to age of network nowadays, we human beings are living on this beautiful planet generation after generation. On the Earth, there are forests, oceans, high mountains, wide plains and numerous kinds of magical creatures, and of course, more than 6 billion human beings. It is estimated that the age of the Earth is about 4.57 billion years.


However, after entering the industrial civilized phase, human beings began causing this planet tremendous damage, including environmental deterioration, global warming, desertification, resource exhaustion and constant extinction of various species. In the long run, it will become impossible for our descendants to live here. The cruel reality of an Earth which will no longer accommodate human beings will eventually manifest itself.


All of us are children of the earth. To protect the earth and environment are our duty, and adults should work to reduce damage to the environment, setting a good example for the next generation.


Since its founding, BlueStar has paid special attention to environmental protection and attached great importance to it. I still remember the first slogan of BlueStar – “clean out a crystal blue sky”, which is also a promise of environmental protection to society. But in the long run, to promote the environmental awareness and to develop environmental science and technology, children are the future. That is why the BlueStar summer camp has been invariably themed “love our planet, protect our environment” for 20 years in a row. It’s necessary to enlighten children about environmental protection. Thus BlueStar has been committed to a career of caring for children and taking social responsibility of environmental protection, which is also the most precious part of the BlueStar culture. 



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