Chemical Industry Museum of China

The Chemical Industry Museum of China provides a panorama of the history and course of the development of China's chemical industry with a collection of chemical antiques, which also portrays a blueprint of the industry's future. The creation of this museum, China's first professional chemical museum designated as an education base for popular chemical sciences for the young generations, is a show of the lifelong ambition of many Chinese scientists and entrepreneurs who had devoted themselves to the chemical industry of China.

Located on the third floor of ChemChina HQ building with a total floor space of 2,540 square meters, the museum consists mainly of eight galleries depicting ancient, modern and contemporary chemical industries, ChemChina's businesses, chemical industry and people's livelihood, and other attractions. In addition to a number of documents, photos, charts and models, the museum collects 360 pieces of antiques and artifacts. Some posthumous works of Hou Debang, a well-known chemical scientist in China and the former Vice-minister of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, are also exhibited.

The museum adopts various multimedia methods in exhibition, which enables visitors to learn about popular sciences in a more sensible way, by seeing, listening, and even touching the exhibits.

The planning and building of the museum was supported lavishly by former officials and experts of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. However, compared to the countless documents and antiquities in the history of China's time-honored chemical industry, the newly founded museum is like a newborn, and needs suggestions from all visitors to guide its future growth.

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