Talent Strategy & Training

HR Vision

Build an elite team in a rational structure.

Promote team capabilities in management, technology, and internationalized operation.

Focus on the nurture and introduction of high-level talents—building an outstanding team of professional managers is of top priority.

Strengthen forming teams of pioneers in scientific and technical innovation.

Make more efforts to build the sales team.

Optimize staff‘s knowledge structure and make them more competent.

Talent Concept

ChemChina insists that employees are the most important resources of the company. It pays high attention to cultivating and tapping the highest quality potential staff, as well as providing them with the best environment and conditions of development.

Talent Cultivation

ChemChina believes that constantly improving its staff’s life-long employability is the responsibility shared by both ChemChina and the staff themselves. ChemChina provides its staff with a variety of development opportunities and career paths. Meanwhile, it helps to tap their potential and improve their life-long learning ability through effective training. As a result, employees’ occupational capability, professional quality and spirit will be constantly upgraded through broad development.

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