Company Logo


Logo Explanation

The logo is designed in a creative and vivid way, adopting cultural element of Chinese calligraphy, to impress people with a sense of ChemChina's international outlook. The design will serve as a stepping stone to building a better image of ChemChina in the global market.

1. Graphic connotation of Logo

The English letter "C": The second of the two "C"s in ChemChina's logo is written in the style of Chinese calligraphy, which indicates that ChemChina is a Chinese enterprise. The robust, vigorous style of the C writing indicates ChemChina’s strong support from the State Assets Administration Committee. It also symbolizes that ChemChina is growing fast, full of experienced personnel and forging ahead to become a global enterprise.

Beaker shape in the letter "A": The beaker-shaped hole in the middle of letter "A" symbolizes the chemical industry.

2. Color's connotation of Logo

The company chooses blue and red as the two main colors of the logo. The blue refers to the cool, rational combination of chemical industry and technology, while red symbolizes the passion, energy and perseverance of belief.

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