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Syngenta Group's digital agricultural solutions cover over 100 million hectares of farmland worldwide

来源: Syngenta Group

Syngenta Group recently announced that its digital agricultural solutions have covered over 100 million hectares of farmland in more than 40 countries. The company's efforts have yielded significant results in helping farmers globally manage planting risks and enhance yields.

Syngenta Group has made technological breakthroughs in areas such as variety selection, precision agriculture, and agricultural machinery. The company possesses advanced capabilities in artificial intelligence phenotypic analysis and precise image recognition.

Through the application of digital agricultural technologies including satellite remote sensing, precision meteorology, pest and disease forecasting, and blockchain technology, the company has developed several industry-leading agricultural service platforms, including the CROPWISE™ platform which serves global growers, and the Modern Agriculture Platform (MAP) which serves Chinese growers.

Additionally, through the acquisitions of Brazil's Strider platform and Eastern Europe's Cropio platform, Syngenta Group has further strengthened its global capabilities in terms of geographical coverage, data accumulation, and algorithm enhancement for digital agriculture.

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