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ADAMA Receives Registration for Its First Global Bio-Fungicide


On August 10th, ADAMA announced the registration of its first global bio-fungicide, ACTAVAN, in Peru, which will be promoted in other Latin American countries, as well as the Asia-Pacific and Europe. ACTAVAN is ADAMA’s first global bio-fungicide developed in collaboration with the New Zealand company Waikaitu Ltd.

ACTAVAN uses plant extracts to effectively prevent the occurrence of fruit rots in crops such as grapes, berries, and certain vegetables, while improving  quality. In addition, ACTAVAN increases the sugar content, peel firmness, size, and weight, while reducing fruit splitting. Additionally, unlike many other fungicides, there is no pre-harvest interval for ACTAVAN, which gives farmers more leeway to plan crop treatment.

As a biological product, ACTAVAN is compatible with organic farming and integrated pest management (IPM) practices. ACTAVAN represents a significant innovation in ADAMA’s biological offering and complements the existing ADAMA portfolio by providing effective and reliable fungicidal action for all types of farming using a novel active ingredient.

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