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Syngenta Named "Best Employer" 2023 by Science Magazine

来源: Syngenta Group

On Oct. 30, Syngenta Group was recognized as the best employer in the agricultural field in "2023’s Top Employers: Making a happy workplace for employees" by Science magazine. It secured the fifth position on the global best employers list. This marks the seventh consecutive year that Syngenta Group has been named as the best employer in the agricultural field. This recognition highlights the company's enduring commitment to its employees and its focus on research and development, collaboration, and innovation.

This survey received around 6,800 responses, and the best employers ranking was determined using 21 indicators. The selection criteria included innovative leadership, respect for employees, social responsibility, and employee loyalty. Syngenta Group stood out for its exceptional performance as an innovative industry leader, its respectful treatment of employees, and its alignment of corporate culture values with employees' personal values.

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