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Syngenta Group's factory certified as top green energy user by EPA

来源: Syngenta Group

Syngenta Group's factory in San Gabriel, Louisiana, the U.S., has received the top green energy user certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This makes Syngenta Group the only agricultural company included in the EPA's list of top 100 users.

The certified factory is one of Syngenta Group's exceptional global production bases, boasting advanced equipment capable of handling intricate processes and meeting stringent quality standards. With an annual electricity consumption exceeding 150 million kilowatt-hours, the factory's energy usage is equivalent to that of approximately 14,000 American households.

The factory exclusively relies on renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, offsetting the use of fossil fuel-generated electricity.

Syngenta Group is dedicated to a global strategy of utilizing renewable energy. To promote decarbonization, the company actively collaborates with supply chain partners to reduce carbon footprints and invests heavily in this effort at its production bases worldwide. Significant progress has been made in green production at Syngenta's bases in Switzerland, Brazil, and China.


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